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If you are like most people, you probably stress over finances, wondering if you are saving enough for the future, or if you are truly prepared for what may come down the road.

Financial Advisor San Jose is here to take some of the stress off of your shoulders, and make sure that you are taking the right steps to reach all of your financial goals!

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Are you really as prepared as you think?

Whatever the reason for looking into financial assistance, Financial Advisor San Jose is here to help you in any way we can as you start down the road to financial success.

Whether you are looking for life insurance in San Jose, estate planning, money managers, or more, our San Jose financial advisors are here to help you make sure that things go right, and that you can be set up for success as you work to reach your goals.

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About Our Company

If you are looking for a financial consultant in San Jose, look no further. We have been around for years, and we plan to be around for many more.

As we have grown, we have still maintained our original mission: to help put people on the path to financial success. For us, our goal will never change, even as our company grows.

We have learned that the key to being one of the top financial companies out there is to build and develop meaningful relationships with our clients. Our clients’ needs always come first, which is why our clients trust and love us so much.

In order to really help our clients build up their financial strategy, our advisors and wealth managers offer a number of different financial services to help cover the many different aspects of financial management. Our services include:

  1. Financial Planning
  2. Life Insurance / Annuities
  3. Retirement Planning
  4. Business Planning
  5. Children Education Goals
  6. Wealth Management / Investments
  7. Disability Insurance / Income Protection
  8. Cash Flow Management / Debt
  9. Estate Planning
  10. Long Term Care Insurance

With so many different services available, we can help you make sure that you have everything taken care of, so that no matter what the future may hold for you, you and your loved ones can always be prepared.

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Why Choose Us?

At Financial Advisor San Jose, we always put our clients first. Helping you meet your financial goals is our number one priority. We understand the importance of building up your financial strength, and we want to help provide you recommendations and solutions for your financial struggles, while educating you on all of the benefits of the different services we can provide.

Your financial company and advisor should be working hard for you. Our team of advisors are the best in the business, because they listen to your needs and your financial goals, and make their personalized recommendations based on your financial plan. Our team is focused on building relationships, and helping our clients to know that we hear them.

Call or contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our San Jose financial advisors. Our advisors are excited to sit down with you and help you set financial goals for yourself and your loved ones. Come into our office, or ask about meeting virtually. In order to help our clients feel safe and comfortable, all of our advisors are available for virtual meetings. Contact us today!

We provide free financial plans.

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How does it work?

Typically when a client comes in, the first thing we like to do is go over your current financial plan. This allows your advisor to see what you are doing well, or more importantly, what needs improvement.

Remember, it is okay if you do not have everything in place! In fact, most people, however prepared they think they are, are actually falling short in a lot of areas financially. This is exactly why we are here. Your advisor is here to help you, not judge you.

Once we go over your financial situation, your advisor will come back on a later date with a more updated plan that will show you what things will look like if you continue on your current path. After looking at your current path, your advisor will show you a recommended path. This will include recommendations to help you be prepared for the future, whether it is life insurance, retirement planning, etc.

If you take these recommendations, you can then get started on the path to building up your financial security and taking the first steps towards financial success down the road.

San Jose Financial Services

If you are looking for a financial company that can do it all, be sure to check out all of the different financial services available to you at Financial Advisor San Jose. We are so much more than just another insurance company near you. Talk to an advisor to see what we can do to help you improve your money management.

Financial Planning

What is financial planning, and how to choose a financial planner?

Financial Advisor San Jose has many wonderful financial planners in San Jose, and makes it easy for clients to find a financial planner that is professional and works with you.

Financial planning involves sitting down with your financial planner or advisor, and going over your financial situation. Once they can go over your current financial plan and see where you want to be, your advisor can help make recommendations to help you reach your financial goals.

Life Insurance San Jose CA / Annuities

Whether you are looking for whole life insurance or term insurance, Financial Advisor San Jose can help you find affordable life insurance policies that will help to ensure that your loved ones are taken care in the event of premature death.

You cannot know for sure how long you will live, but life insurance helps to ensure that your family can still be taken care of after you go.

Retirement Planning San Jose

Retirement planning allows you to make sure that after you retire, you can enjoy your retired life comfortably and stress free.

By working with your advisor to start planning and saving for retirement now, you can make sure that by the time you are ready to retire, your finances will be ready too!

Business Planning

We know that building a business is a long process, and there are many moving pieces to building up your dream.

Talk to an advisor about business planning. Our group life and disability insurance packets help to ensure that you and your employees will be taken care of, so you can focus on helping your business grow.

Children Education Goals

Our advisors can help you start funding your future child’s education now.

By putting away a little bit of money each month, you can slowly help build up your child’s future, so that by the time they are ready to go off to school, they can focus more on working towards their dream.

Wealth Management / Investments

You work hard for your money, and we want to help make sure that it is working hard for you too!

Our financial advisors can help you do more with your money, making sure that you are getting the most out of your dollars.

Disability Insurance / Income Protection

In the event that you were to become disabled and were unable to work, would your financial well being take a hit?

Disability insurance helps you make sure that even if you cannot work, you do not have to sacrifice your future financial goals. Income protection allows you to make sure that you can still make ends meet and stay on the right track to keep moving forward.

Cash Flow Management / Debt

If you are worried about debt, come to Financial Advisor San Jose and talk to one of our money managers.

We want to help you make sure that your money is going to all the right places, and by working together with you, our goal is to help come up with a plan to start tackling that debt that has been weighing you down.

Estate Planning San Jose

Without a proper will or estate planning, in the event of your death, your state will decide what happens to your belongings after you die.

Estate planning makes sure that everything is taken care of your way, so that you don’t have to worry about what will happen after you go.

Long Term Care Insurance

Over half of people over retirement age find themselves in a situation where they cannot take care of themselves, and either need a nursing home, or assisted living.

Long term care is costly, and can drain your expenses if you are unprepared for the costs. Long term care insurance helps you make sure you are prepared in the event that you need to pay for any living assistance in the future.

About San Jose, CA

San Jose is the largest city in Northern California, and has a population of 1.3 million people. San Jose is a beautiful city full of many different attractions. Whether you are a history buff, or prefer more modern technology, San Jose has something for everyone.

In San Jose you can find many historical buildings in the Downtown Historic District, such as the Oddfellows building (1883) and the Spanish Colonial Revival structures.

We have been proud to offer our financial services to those in the San Jose area, including those in some of the surrounding areas, such as:

  • Sunnyvale, CA
  • Santa Clara, CA
  • Milpitas, CA
  • Cupertino, CA
  • Campbell, CA
  • Los Gatos, CA
  • Saratoga, CA
  • East Foothills, CA
  • And many other surrounding areas

Questions about Financial Advising

There are a lot of questions to ask a financial advisor. Most people don’t know a lot about finances, so if you have questions, you are not alone! We encourage our clients to ask questions. The more educated you are about your financial situation, the easier it will be to understand all of the different aspects of financial management.

What is a financial advisor, what does a financial advisor do, and how do I find a financial advisor?

A financial advisor is someone who will help you quantify your financial goals, and make a plan to help you reach those goals. By looking at your financial plan, your financial advisor can see where you might be lacking currently, and can help you fill the gaps in your financial plan so that you can be prepared for the future.

How to choose a financial planner for retirement/ when should I get a financial planner?

Even if retirement seems a long way off for you, it is actually best to start preparing as soon as you can. Our San Jose financial advisors can help you with many different financial services, including retirement planning.

Whether you are looking for a certified financial planner to help with retirement annuity, life insurance, disability income insurance, etc., the sooner you start looking at financial planners near you, the sooner you can start preparing for your future, no matter how far away it seems.

What’s the difference between financial planners, wealth advisors, financial consultants, financial advisors, and money managers?

While some might have different certifications or financial backgrounds, all of these different financial representatives can provide a lot of the same or similar services, and are all there to help you improve your financial strategy.

Can a financial advisor sell life insurance?

Yes, our advisors and financial planners in San Jose double as life insurance agents, and can sell life insurance and provide life insurance quotes. Many insurance agents even from other life insurance companies are financial advisors or even certified financial planners in San Jose CA.

Client Testimonials


“I was looking for financial advisors near me at a bunch of different financial companies, and I stumbled across my advisor at Financial Advisor San Jose. He was so friendly and personable, but also so professional. I felt very at ease working with him, and he helped me to realize some of the changes I needed to make to be able to retire when I wanted to. I would definitely recommend going to him.”

- Janet P.


“Our advisor is one of the best financial advisors that we have worked with. He is very personable, and not pushy at all. He went over our financial plan with us and made some great recommendations for life insurance.”

- Gene K.


“For my job, I work with a lot of different financial consultants near me, but the advisors at Financial Advisor San Jose are the best to work with. They give great and reasonable financial recommendations to their clients, and they are so easy to get along with and work with.”

- Henry T.

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If you are looking for a financial advisor in San Jose CA, look no further! Financial Advisor San Jose is here to help you find a financial counselor that can help you prepare for your financial future.

Whether you are looking for a wealth advisor, or just interested in learning more about our different financial planning services in San Jose, call or contact us today. We have the knowledge to help you get started on the path to financial freedom and security. We know that going over personal finances can be stressful, so stop putting it off and come in today to see what our San Jose financial planners can do for you!

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